Applied Science & Engineering

At St. Paul’s School, students in the Applied Science & Engineering Program (ASEP) are engaged in a project-based, individual-learning STEM curriculum that prepares them for the world’s leading science programs. They learn how to test problem solutions and reflect on successes and glitches before building a revised solution. The Applied Science and Engineering Program (formerly “The Engineering Honors Program”) invites students to obtain an internship during the summer after their fifth form year in a vast array of science interests, including engineering, astronomy, computer science, biology, and much more. Regardless of the sub-discipline, the ASEP program focuses on experiential learning where the students become the owners of their educations.
  • Students demonstrate a commitment to rigorous study and achievement in a particular field to be eligible to apply to the Applied Science & Engineering Program.
  • Students initially express interest in the program during the Spring Term of their Fourth Form years and sign up for the Applied Science & Engineering Seminar in the Spring of the Fifth Form year.
  • In the Fall and Winter, Fifth Formers attend regular planning meetings held by program faculty. During these meetings, the program faculty help students in their efforts to obtain an internship. Assignments include researching labs and companies that fit the students’ interests, creation of a resume, and draft e-mails
  • Students who enroll in the course must have secured an internship before the end of the Winter Term of their Fifth Form year and must be selected by the Applied Science & Engineering Committee.
  • During Fifth Form spring, accepted students participate in the Applied Science & Engineering Seminar where they prepare for their internships. Depending on the field, they may learn a programming language, master relevant biological techniques, and complete engineering projects.
  • Students are required to engage in intensive, independent experiential work during the summers following Fifth and Sixth Form years, submitting regular updates – field notes, journal entries, or the like – to their program faculty
  • Following their internship, students enroll in the Applied Science & Engineering Capstone in the Fall Term (and possibly Winter Term). The students will present to the School on their internship in the Fall Term. Then, students propose and carry out a capstone project at St. Paul’s, continuing the work they carried out during the internship if possible.