Honors Program

Inherently student-centered, experiential, and grounded in real-world experiences, the Honors Programs at St. Paul’s School provide passionate students the opportunity to engage in sustained research and deep scholarship in a specific area of inquiry. Honors students must demonstrate independence, creative thinking, and the ability to collaborate at a high level for the duration of the program. Distinct from our Advanced Studies and Independent Study programs, the Honors programs demand students draw upon multiple traditional academic disciplines in the experience of real-world applications of their learning.
  • Students demonstrate a commitment to rigorous study and achievement in a particular field to be eligible to apply to the Honors Program
  • After expressing interest in the program during the Winter Term, students complete the application and interview process in the spring of the Fourth Form year, and are informed of their acceptance into the program at the conclusion of Fourth Form year [New Fifth Form students enter the process in conjunction with the Admission application]
  • Fifth Formers attend regular planning meetings held by program administrators
  • During Fifth Form spring, students participate in the Honors Program Seminar
  • Students are required to engage in intensive, independent experiential work during the summers following Fifth and Sixth Form years, submitting regular updates – field notes, journal entries, or the like – to their program administrator
  • Students are required to secure an on-site supervisor for any off-campus work
  • Capstone Seminar class
  • Final presentation/Internal and External Review Process
  • The culmination of Honors Program work will be displayed in an all-community presentation in the spring of Sixth Form