Robotics is the foundation of the St. Paul’s School engineering curriculum. Students design, build, program, and model robots for Introduction to Engineering, offered in the Fall Term, and FIRST Robotics Competition, in the Winter Term.
Introduction to Engineering invites students to explore engineering design through three major projects:
  • Building, designing, and modeling a wooden-block game in CAD software, and printed on our 3D printers
  • Working as a group to design, build, and program a VEX Robot for the annual VEX Challenge
  • Design and build an Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) to compete in an underwater obstacle course in the pool at the Athletic & Fitness Center
In the FIRST Robotics Competition class, students are mentored and instructed by professional engineers from the local area, as well as by SPS Science faculty. The course requires students to write a final journal about the competition, analyzing the different designs used to solve the competition’s problems.
Both the VEX Robot and FIRST Robotics competitions provide a unique teaching and learning experience, comparable to engineering work in the professional world.